72+ Baby Names That Start with ‘Cas’ for Both Boys & Girls in 2023

Find the Names that start with Cas for newborns. Here, you will get all the Name that starts with Cas with their origin, meaning & popularity. The simplest method to attract attention is with a catchy name. A person’s name might indicate family history, goals, and distinctive traits. Our names have become everlasting in the virtual world due to the tremendous expansion of social media and mobile technology.

Therefore, a naming ceremony is considered a fortunate event where parents select the best name for their beloved newborn baby. Our names shape our personalities and sense of identity. It will forever serve as a reminder of who we are. From the 1940s through the 1980s, people began using baby names that start with “Cas.” But recently, they have begun to gain much popularity among parents.

To help you out, we have listed down 72+ Names that start with Cas for your newborn. This name starts with Cas in different cultures and languages.

Boy Names That Start With ‘Cas’ With Meanings

Here are some stylish boy names starting with Cas with their meanings that would assist parents in naming their beloved child.

1. Cas: It is a short name of Dutch origin, meaning ‘imperial.’ The meaning of Cas in Welsh is ‘legendary son of Seidi.’

2. Casandro: Casandro originates from Old Greek roots; this name means a hero’s brother’.

3. Casar: Casar originates from Latin and is mainly used in Slavic languages. A variant of Caesar, Casar means ‘head of hair or long-haired’ & ‘a ruler.’

4. Casca: Casca has a Latin-originated name; the meaning of Casca is’ dreamy’ in Italian.

5. Cascade: It is a unique name with a French origin, meaning ‘a waterfall’.

6. Cascadia: It is a unisex name derived from Latin origin, and it is a variant of Cascade. The meaning of this name is a falling’, ‘a waterfall.’

7. Caseareo: This name has a Latin and Italian origin, and it means ‘long-haired.’

8. Casee: The baby boy name Casee derived from the Irish surname O Cathasaigh, which means ‘brave and vigilant.’

10. Casen: It is mainly in English; this name refers to a ‘descendant of Cathasaigh.’

11. Casey: It is a unisex name derived from the Irish Gaelic name Cathasaigh. The meaning of this name is ‘watchful’ or ‘vigilant.’

12. Cash: This name originates from Slavic, Old Persian, and Latin languages, and it means ’empty,’ ‘vain,’ or ‘keeper of treasures.’ 

13. Cashel: The name comes from Irish roots. Cashel may also refer to ‘a man from Cashel’. It means ‘fortress’ or ‘stone castle.’ 

Girl Names That Start With ” Cas “

14. Cassadee:It is a variant of the English Cassidy. This name has Celtic origins and denotes ‘descendant of the curly-haired one.’

15. Casandra: It has old Greek origins and means ‘she who entangles men.’

16. Cassandra: Cassandra is a girl’s name of Greek origin and is a modern adaptation. The meaning of Cassandra is ‘man’s defender.’

17. Casaundri: Casaundri is also a derivative of the English & German name Cassandra and originates in old Greek. It means “shining upon man.”

18. Cascadia: Cascadia is an old name of Latin origin. It means ‘woman of the waterfall.’

19. Cascata: This baby girl’s name has a Latin origin and is a variant of Cascadia. It also indicates the ‘woman of the waterfall.’

20. Casey: This name has Latin, greek, and Celtic roots. The meaning of Casey is ‘descendant of Cathasaigh’ or ‘descendent of the vigilant one.’

21. Cascy: It is an English variant of the Celtic name Casey with the same meaning.

22. Casen: Casen is an old English Variant of the name Casey. It used as a boy’s name.

23. Cachet: This baby girl’s name has its origins in the French name Cachet. The meaning is ‘prestige.’

24. Cashonea: This baby girl’s name has the same meaning as Cashonya. It has American origins.

25. Cashonya: It is the original baby girl name with many derivatives. It signifies a wealthy woman.

26. Casia: Cassia is an English adaptation of the Greek word Acacia. Acacia is a common deciduous.

27. Casiana: Casiana is a baby girl’s name with Latin origins. It means ‘vain.’

28. Casidi: Casidi is a baby girl name of Celtic origins. It is a variant of the Old English name ‘Cassidy.’

Beautiful Baby Names That Mean Start with ” Cas “

29. Cashi: Cashi is widely used in Spanish. It is a variant of Casimir; this name means ‘destroyer’ or ‘declaration of peace.’

30. Cashlin: Cashlin has Irish roots, and it means ‘ little castle.’

31. Cashos: Cashos has a Latin origin. The meaning of Cashos is’ empty’ or ‘vain.’

32. Cashton: It is a boy name of English origin, and it means ‘ash tree town’ or ‘gift to the world.’

33. Cashus: This name has a Latin origin, which means ’empty’ or ‘vain.’

34. Casiano: Casiano is an unusual name with Latin roots. It means ‘he who equipped with a helmet.’

35. Cassidy: Cassidy has a Celtic origin and refers to a descendant of Caiside’. Some other meanings of Cassidy are ‘clever’ or curly-haired.’

36. Cassiele: Cassiele is a female name with Latin roots.

37. Cassadey: It is a derivative of the name ‘Cassidy.’ It is pronounced as “KAESH-ih-Dey.”

38. Cassia: Cassia is an old name of Latin and Hebrew origins. It represents ’empty, vain.’ It is pronounced as “KAE-Shah.”

39. Case: It is an English-originated name; the meaning of this name is ‘bringer of peace.’

40. Casildo: It is an uncommon name of Arabic origin. The meaning of this name is ‘a youth that carries the lance’.

41. Casimier: This name has a Slavic origin. The meaning of Casimir is ‘declaration of peace.’

42. Casimir: It is a beautiful name of Polish origin, which means ‘proclamation of peace.’ In Slavic, it means ‘peaceful.’

43. Casimiro: It is a variation of Casimir; this name means ‘bringer of peace.’

44. Cassidea: Cassidea has Celtic origins. This baby’s name is a variant of the English ‘Cassidy.’

Unique Names That Mean Start with ” Cas “

45. Casiodoro: Casiodoro has an Old Greek origin, meaning Casiodoro is a ‘gift from a friend.’

46. Caskey: This patronymic name is an anglicized form of the Gaelic Mac Ascaidh. It has Norse origin; the meaning is ‘the son of Ascaidh.’

47. Cassiel: Cassiel is a unique baby girl name with Latin roots. It is also a variant of the name Cassielle.

48. Casare: This name has Latin roots, and it means ‘he who was cut out of the womb.’

49. Cason: This name is of Old English and Scottish origin; it means ‘son of the marsh-dwellers.’

50. Caspar: It is a popular biblical name derived from Chaldean. The meaning of this name is ‘treasurer.’ 

51. Casper: Casper has Persian origin, derived from the French Gaspard. Casper means ‘treasurer’ in Persian.

52. Cass: This is a unisex name with Latin & Persian origin. The meaning of Cass is curly-headed,’ clever,’ or ‘ingenious.’ It is a variant of Cassius in Latin.

53. Cassadee: The name Cassadee originates from the Celtic language and means ‘descendant of Caiside.’ 

54. Cassander: Cassander means ‘light of man’ or ‘brother of heroes’; this Greek name belonged to the king of Macedon and dated back to the 3rd century BC.

55. Cassandra: This name is usually used in Spanish or Greek languages. The meaning of Cassandra is ‘brother of heroes.’

56. Cassedie: It is a variant of Cassidy; this Celtic name means ‘descendant of Caiside.’

57. Cassedy: The name Cassedy is of Irish, Welsh, and Gaelic origin, which means ‘ingenious, clever.’

Top Names That Start With ” Cas “

58. Casie: Casie is a baby girl’s name. It is the name of a big tree with Celtic & greek origins.

59. Casiel: Casiel is a rare baby girl name of Latin origin. It means ‘mother of the earth.’ It is also used for the boy’s name.

60. Casild: It is a derivative of the Arabic name Casilda. It donates ‘virgin carrier of the lance.’

61. Casilda: Casilda is a baby girl’s name with Arabic origins. It means ‘virgin carrier of the lance.’ The name has several English variants, too.

62. Casilde: This baby girl’s name means ‘battler.’ It has Arabic and Germanic origins. It is Pronounced as “Kaa-SIY-LDey.”  

63. Casimir: Casimir is a baby girl’s name with Slavonic & Polish origins. The meaning of Casimir is ‘declaration of peace.’

64. Casimira: Casimira is a female name with Slavonic origins. It means ‘declaration of peace’ or ‘peacemaker.’

65. Casina: The baby girl’s name Casina has African-Hausa origins. It is pronounced as “Kaa-SIY-N-aa.”

66. Cason: Cason has its origins in old Greek. It means ‘a seer’.

67. Casondria: It is a variant of the German English name Cassandra. It means ‘shining upon man.’

68. Casaba: Casaba has origins in Turkey. It is a type of winter melon.

69. Cassa: Cassa has origins in the African Hausa language. It indicates ‘bowlegged’ or ‘child of the Earth.’

70. Cassadina: This name is common with English origin but has Celtic origins. It is an alternative to the Cassidy and represents the ‘descendant of Caiside.’

71. Cassander: Cassander is a unisex name used by both genders. It is a derivative of Cassandra, which means ‘shining upon man.’

72. Cassarah: Cassarah is related to the name Cassandra. It is popular in English, and it signifies ‘protruding.’

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