60+ Baby Names that Mean Candy for Your Newborn [2024]

Names that Mean Candy: Hi Parents, are you looking for Baby Boy and Girl Names that mean Candy for your newborn Baby? Selecting a unique name for your newborn baby is a very confusing task for any parent. Embark on a delightful journey through the sweet tapestry of names that evoke the essence of confectionery—names that mean “Candy.” From whimsical origins to modern sweetness, these names carry a sugary charm that transcends generations. Join us in unwrapping the delectable stories behind each name.

Baby Names That Mean Candy 

Bonbon (French): A cute and playful name meaning “candy” or “sweet.”

Sweets (English): A straightforward and whimsical name denoting candies and treats.

Mithai (Sanskrit): A sweet and simple name meaning “sweets” or “candies” in Sanskrit.

Dulcet (Latin): Meaning “sweet” or “pleasant,” associated with sweetness.

Honey (English): A sweet and endearing name associated with the natural sweetness of honey.

Sucro (Latin): Derived from “sucrose,” the scientific name for table sugar.

Candela (Spanish): A name meaning “candle” but also associated with sweetness and light.

Sugar (English): A straightforward name referring to the sweet substance.

Dulcis (Latin): Meaning “sweet” or “pleasant,” emphasizing sweetness.

Fudge (English): A playful and delightful name associated with a sweet treat.

Nectar (Greek): A name associated with the sweet liquid, often referencing the sweetness of candies.

Mizuame (Japanese): A sweet syrup often used in traditional Japanese confections.

Maple (English): Named after the sweet and flavorful maple syrup.

Caramella (Italian): A charming name meaning “candy” in Italian.

Taffy (Welsh): A playful name associated with the sweet and chewy candy.

Rasgulla (Bengali): A popular sweet in Bengali cuisine, known for its sweetness.

Lollipop (English): A whimsical and fun name associated with the sweet confection.

Dulce (Spanish): A sweet and lovely name meaning “sweet” in Spanish.

Marshmallow (English): A soft and sweet name inspired by the fluffy confection.

Gelato (Italian): An Italian word for ice cream, often associated with sweet flavors.

Truffle (English): A name associated with the decadent and sweet chocolate truffle.

Syrup (English): A simple and sweet name inspired by various sweet syrups.

Jellybean (English): A playful and colorful name associated with the small, sweet candies.

Saccharin (Greek): Meaning “sugar-like” or “sweet,” associated with sweetness.

Girl’s Name that means Candy 

Marmalade (Portuguese): A sweet and fruity name inspired by the citrus spread. A cool and refreshing name inspired by frozen treats on a stick.

Sprinkle (English): A playful and delightful name inspired by colorful cake sprinkles.

Tiramisu (Italian): Meaning “pick me up,” associated with the sweet and layered dessert.

Tutti-Frutti (Italian): Meaning “all fruits,” a lively and fruity name.

Sorrel (English): A sweet and tangy name inspired by the flavor of some candies.

Crème Brûlée (French): Meaning “burnt cream,” associated with the rich and sweet dessert.

Liquorice (English): A unique and flavorful name inspired by the sweet black candy.

Frosting (English): A sweet and creamy name associated with cake frosting.

Ambrosio (Spanish): A masculine variation of Ambrosia, meaning “food of the gods.”

Glacé (French): Meaning “iced” or “frozen,” associated with sweet, frozen desserts.

Sundae (English): A delightful and dessert-inspired name associated with ice cream sundaes.

Cacao (Spanish): A sophisticated and sweet name inspired by the raw form of chocolate.

Molasses (English): A rich and syrupy name associated with a sweet byproduct.

Crispito (Spanish): A playful and crunchy name inspired by crispy snacks.

Pudding (English): A soft and comforting name associated with sweet desserts.

Fondant (French): A sweet and smooth name inspired by the icing used in cake decoration.

Smore (English): A playful, campfire-inspired name associated with the sweet treat.

RockyRoad (English): A fun and adventurous name inspired by chocolate and nut confection.

Nougaty (English): A sweet and chewy name inspired by the texture of nougat.

Boy’s Name that Means Candy 

Cotton (English): A soft and sweet name inspired by cotton candy.

Nougat (French): A sweet and chewy confection often used in candies.

Cherish (English): Meaning “to hold dear” or “treasure,” associated with sweetness and love.

Gummy (English): A fun and playful name inspired by gummy candies.

Confiture (French): A sweet and elegant name meaning “jam” or “preserves” in French.

Ambrosia (Greek): Meaning “food of the gods,” associated with sweetness and divine flavors.

Nectarine (English): A sweet and fruity name inspired by the juicy nectarine.

Sorbet (French): A name associated with the sweet frozen dessert made from fruit.

Toffee (English): A delicious and caramel-flavored name inspired by toffee candies.

Marzipan (German): A sweet and almond-flavored name inspired by the confection.

Sherbet (Arabic): A refreshing and sweet name inspired by the flavored powder.

Cocoa (Spanish): Named after the sweet and rich cocoa used in chocolate.

Bonbonniere (French): Meaning “candy box” or “sweet container,” a unique and elegant choice.

Praline (French): A sweet and nutty name inspired by the caramelized confection.

Cupcake (English): A cute and whimsical name associated with small, sweet cakes.

Treacle (English): A sweet and syrupy name associated with a sugar byproduct.

Crispy (English): A playful name inspired by the crunchy texture of some candies.

Snickerdoodle (English): A fun and whimsical name associated with a sweet cookie.

RumBall (English): A name inspired by a sweet confection often made with chocolate and rum.

Chocoholic (English): A playful and humorous name for someone with a love for chocolate.

Frappe (French): A sweet and cold name inspired by the blended coffee beverage.

Divinity (English): Meaning “divine” or “heavenly,” associated with sweet treats.

Caramelito (Spanish): A diminutive and sweet name meaning “little caramel.”

Cottonelle (English): A unique and soft-sounding name inspired by cotton candy.

Succade (French): A sweet and candied name associated with preserved fruit.

FAQs For Names That Mean Candy

What is the significance of names that mean “Candy”?

Answer: Names that mean “Candy” often evoke sweetness, joy, and indulgence, symbolizing delightful and pleasurable experiences.

Can names meaning “Candy” be used for both genders?

Answer: Yes, names meaning “Candy” can be suitable for both genders, as the concept of candy is not gender-specific.

Are there cultural or historical connections to names meaning “Candy”?

Answer: Some names may have cultural connections to specific candies, while others may simply evoke the sweetness associated with candy in general.

Do these names have variations in different cultures or languages?

Answer: Yes, names meaning “Candy” may have variations in different cultures or languages, offering diverse and unique options.

Can names meaning “Candy” be chosen for individuals without a connection to sweets?

Answer: Absolutely. These names can be chosen for their positive connotations, even without a direct connection to sweets, symbolizing sweetness in character.

Are there famous or fictional characters with names meaning “Candy”?

Answer: While specific names may not be famous, some characters in literature or media may embody the sweet and joyful qualities associated with candy.

Do these names have variations for a more feminine or masculine touch?

Answer: Yes, some names meaning “Candy” may have variations that suit either a more feminine or masculine form, providing versatility.

Can these names be combined with other names or surnames easily?

Answer: Yes, names meaning “Candy” are often versatile and can be combined with various names or surnames to create unique and meaningful combinations.

Are there specific cultural or linguistic considerations when choosing a name meaning “Candy”?

Answer: It depends on your personal preferences. Some may prefer names with specific cultural or linguistic ties, while others may choose names for their universal sweetness.

What are some contemporary names that embody the spirit of “Candy”?

Answer: Contemporary names like Bonbon, Dulce, and Ambrosia embody the spirit of sweetness and joy associated with candy.

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Final Word

In this sugary odyssey, we’ve explored names that carry the irresistible sweetness of candy. Each name, a delectable treat, whispers tales of joy and indulgence. As we wrap up, let these names be a reminder of the simple pleasures, like a delightful piece of candy, that add flavor to the tapestry of life.

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