45+ Cute Baby Names That Mean Honey With It’s Origin (2024)

Names That Mean Honey: Choose Perfect Baby Names That Mean Honey for a Newborn. Here, you will get all Names meaning Honey with their origin, meaning & popularity. Imagine the resonance of a name that signifies the golden nectar – a natural sweetness and purity symbol. Choosing a name meaning honey is not just about a delightful sound but a profound connection to nature’s sweetness. It’s a choice that reflects the richness of character you wish for your child.

Baby Names That Mean Honey

Meliora (Female): Meliora, a Latin name, translates to “better things.” It symbolizes the hope for a bright and prosperous future.

Miel (Female): Miel, a sweet and straightforward Spanish name, directly translates to “honey.” It reflects the sweetness and warmth.

Ambrosia (Female): Ambrosia, of Greek origin, means “food of the gods.” This celestial name signifies the divine and extraordinary nature.

Ruchira (Female): Ruchira, a Sanskrit name, translates to “beautiful” or “pleasing.” It embodies the captivating charm and loveliness.

Aldora (Female): Aldora, with Old English roots, means “noble” or “noble gift.” It carries an air of sophistication and elegance.

Meilani (Female): Meilani, a Hawaiian name, combines “mei,” meaning “beautiful,” and “lani,” meaning “heavenly.” Together, they represent a heavenly beauty.

Dulcis (Female): Dulcis, a Latin name, translates to “sweet” or “pleasant.” It encapsulates the delightful and endearing nature.

Hani (Male): Hani, of Arabic origin, means “happy” or “delighted.” This name reflects the joyous and delightful nature.

Melik (Male): Melik, a Turkish name, means “king” or “ruler.” It symbolizes your son’s regal and
robust presence.

Kovida (Female): Kovida, of Sanskrit origin, means “intelligent” or “wise.” This name reflects the bright and wise qualities.

Leontia (Female): Leontia, a Greek name, is derived from “leon,” meaning “lion.” It signifies strength, courage, and a regal presence.

Miren (Male): Miren, of Basque origin, means “beloved.” This name captures your deep affection and love.

Nectaria (Female): Nectaria, of Greek origin, is derived from “nectar,” symbolizing sweetness. It signifies the sweet and precious nature.

Blythe (Unisex): Blythe, an Old English name, means “free spirit” or “happy and carefree.” It encapsulates the joyous and carefree nature.

Carmel (Male): Carmel, of Hebrew origin, means “vineyard” or “garden.” It represents a place of abundance and growth.

Farran (Male): Farran, an Irish name, means “adventurous” or “little wanderer.” It reflects the adventurous spirit and curiosity.

Thandeka (Unisex): Thandeka, of Zulu origin, means “loved one.” This name symbolizes your deep love and affection.

Girl Names That Mean Honey

Melitara: Melitara, of Greek origin, means “honey-making.” This name beautifully captures your little girl’s industrious and sweet nature.

Sukara: Sukara, a Sanskrit name, translates to “sweet as honey.” It signifies the irresistible sweetness and charm.

Amora: Amora, a Spanish name, means “love.” It symbolizes the sweetness of love and reflects the deep affection and warmth.

Mellona: Mellona, of Roman origin, is derived from the honey goddess. This name symbolizes abundance and sweetness.

Kalina: It is a Slavic name. Kalina means “rowan tree” or “guelder rose.” It represents strength and vitality.

Nessa: Nessa, an Irish name, means “gentle” or “soft.” It reflects your little girl’s tender and affectionate nature.

Azucena: Azucena, a Spanish name, translates to “lily” or “sweet.” This name captures the purity and sweetness akin to the lily flower.

Mireia: Mireia, of Catalan origin, means “to admire.” It reflects the admiration and adoration your little one elicits.

Jelena: Jelena, a Serbian name, means “bright, shining light.” It symbolizes your daughter’s radiant and luminous presence.

Sorina: Sorina, a Romanian name, translates to “sun.” It signifies the warmth and brightness your little girl brings, akin to the sun.

Lalasa: Lalasa, of Sanskrit origin, means “one who plays.” It reflects your daughter’s playful and joyful spirit.

Zahara: Zahara, a Hebrew name, means “to shine” or “radiant.” It symbolizes your little girl’s bright and dazzling presence.

Honeyrae: Honeyrae, a modern English name, combines “honey” with “race,” meaning “grace.” It reflects your little honey’s graceful and sweet nature.

Fioralba: Fioralba, an Albanian name, means “white flower.” It symbolizes the purity and beauty of your daughter, akin to a delicate white flower in full bloom.

Idalia: Idalia, of Greek origin, means “behold the sun.” It signifies your little sunshine’s radiant and warm presence.

Carys: Carys is a Welsh name that means “love.” It reflects your deep love and affection.

Elowen: Elowen, a Cornish name, means “elm tree.” It symbolizes strength and resilience.

Meadows: Meadow, a nature-inspired English name, represents a field of wildflowers. It reflects your daughter’s natural beauty and grace.

Boy Names That Mean Honey

Abeeku: Abeeku, from Akan origin, means “born on Wednesday.” This name represents your son’s joy and sweetness.

Baruch: Baruch is a Hebrew name that means “blessed.” It symbolizes the blessing and sweetness your son brings into your life.

Hani: Hani, of Arabic origin, means “happy” or “delighted.” This name reflects the joyous and delightful nature of your little one.

Melik: Melik, a Turkish name, means “king” or “ruler.” It symbolizes your son’s regal and robust presence.

Niranjan: Niranjan, a Sanskrit name, means “unblemished” or “pure.” It reflects your son’s pure and untarnished nature.

Osman: Osman, a Turkish name, means “pure” or “clean.” This name symbolizes the purity and sweetness of your son.

Rinaldo: Rinaldo, of Italian origin, means “wise power.” It signifies your son’s intelligent and robust nature.

Sulien: Sulien, a Welsh name, means “sun-born” or “born on a Sunday.” It represents your son’s warmth and brightness.

Tavish: Tavish, a Scottish name, means “bringer of joy.” It reflects your son’s joyful and cheerful presence.

Udai: Udai, of Sanskrit origin, means “rising” or “to rise.” It symbolizes your son’s upward trajectory and potential.

Vikram: Vikram, a Sanskrit name, means “valor” or “courage.” It signifies your son’s brave and courageous nature.

Yasir: Yasir, of Arabic origin, means “wealthy” or “prosperous.” This name reflects the abundant and prosperous life your son brings.

Zephyr: Zephyr is a Greek name that means “west wind.” It symbolizes your son’s gentle and refreshing nature.

Enver: Enver, a Turkish name, means “bright” or “luminous.” It reflects your son’s radiant and bright presence.

Ishaan: Ishaan, of Sanskrit origin, means “sun” or “sunlight.” It symbolizes your son’s warm and bright nature.

Jovani: Jovani, of Italian origin, means “young warrior.” It signifies your son’s youthful and brave nature.

Keanu: Keanu, a Hawaiian name, means “cool breeze.” It symbolizes your son’s refreshing and gentle nature.

Lirael: Lirael, from a fictional origin, means “daughter of the Clayr.”

FAQS for Names That Mean Honey

What do names meaning “Honey” symbolize?

Names associated with “Honey” typically symbolize sweetness, affection, and warmth.

Are names with the meaning “Honey” more common in certain cultures?

Yes, such names can be found in various cultures, each with its linguistic and historical influences.

Can names meaning “Honey” be used for both genders?

Yes, many names related to “Honey” are unisex, offering versatility in their usage.

Do these names have specific variations across different languages?

Absolutely. Different languages provide diverse variations of names with the common theme of “Honey.”

Are there historical or cultural figures associated with names meaning “Honey”?

While not as common as some themes, certain names with the meaning “Honey” may have historical or cultural ties.

Can choosing a name meaning “Honey” influence a person’s personality perception?

Names can subtly influence perception, and those related to “Honey” might evoke warmth and sweetness.

Are there famous individuals with names related to “Honey”?

While less common, some individuals may bear names associated with “Honey.”

How do these names fit into modern naming trends?

The trend towards nature-inspired and meaningful names makes those related to “Honey” relevant in modern times.

Are there specific meanings or connotations tied to “Honey” in different cultures?

The significance of “Honey” can vary, but it generally symbolizes sweetness, nourishment, and love in many cultures.

Can names meaning “Honey” be a cultural or family tradition?

Yes, such names might be chosen for their cultural significance or as a reflection of familial traditions and values.

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Final Words

Selecting baby names that mean honey is a delightful journey of linguistic richness and symbolic sweetness for parents. Each character becomes a testament to honey’s natural warmth and purity as you navigate the options. From names meaning honey to those subtly reflecting its essence, the choices are as diverse as the golden hues of this cherished substance. Embrace the significance of a name that means honey, encapsulating the rich tapestry of emotions you wish to weave into your child’s identity. May this process be as sweet and memorable as your chosen name.

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