55+ Baby Names That Mean Crow With Origins And Meaning

Names That Mean Crow: Explore the enchanting world of baby names with our collection of names that mean crow. Discover meaningful names with wisdom, origin, and cultural diversity. Choosing a name that means crow is not merely a selection; it’s an intentional embrace of qualities that transcend time, creating a narrative as captivating and enigmatic as the intelligent birds. Dive into a world where baby names reflect timeless charm and depth.

Baby Names That Mean Crow

Branwen (Girl): Welsh origin, Branwen signifies “blessed raven.” A name of mystical beauty, perfect for a baby girl.

Corbinian (Boy): Germanic roots, Corbinian translates to “crow-like.” A unique choice for a baby boy, symbolizing intelligence and adaptability.

Fannan (Boy): Of Irish descent, Fannan means “little crow.” It is a charming name for a baby boy, embodying wit and individuality.

Karasu (Unisex): Japanese origin, Karasu stands for “crow.” A gender-neutral name representing mystery and wisdom, suitable for your little one.

Ravina (Girl): Latin roots, Ravina translates to “blackbird.” It is a melodic name for a baby girl, reflecting elegance and strength.

Nolan (Boy): Gaelic origin, Nolan means “champion” or “noble.” Though not directly related to crows, it’s associated with strength and courage.

Morrigan (Girl): Celtic origin, Morrigan signifies “phantom queen” or “great queen.” It is a powerful and enchanting name.

Ravin (Boy): In Sanskrit roots, Ravin means “poet” or “songbird.” It is a sweet name for a baby boy, encapsulating creativity and charm.

Branislav (Boy): Slavic origin, Branislav translates to “glorious raven.” It is a solid and distinctive name for a baby, symbolizing honor and wisdom.

Corvina (Girl): Of Latin descent, Corvina means “like a crow.” A graceful and feminine choice for a baby girl, evoking a sense of elegance and mystery.

Gawain (Boy): Arthurian origin, Gawain means “white hawk” or “little falcon.” While not directly linked to crows, it suggests agility and grace.

Ravena (Girl): Variation of Raven, Ravena signifies “blackbird.” A stylish and edgy choice for a baby girl, representing intelligence and allure.

Kuro (Boy): In Japanese origin, Kuro simply means “black.” A sleek and modern name for a baby boy, capturing the essence of darkness and mystery.

Branth (Boy): Old English roots, Branth means “raven.” A strong choice for a baby boy, embodying resilience and intelligence.

Sorcha (Girl): Gaelic origin, Sorcha means “bright” or “radiant.” Although not directly related to crows, it symbolizes light and warmth.

Covina (Girl): Derived from Corvina, Covina signifies “like a crow.” It is a trendy and unique name for a baby, exuding charm and individuality.

Blaize (Boy): Old English roots, Blaize means “lisping” or “stammering.” While not explicitly tied to crows, it carries a distinct and relaxed vibe.

Rowena (Girl): Old Germanic origin. Rowena signifies “fame” or “joy.” Though not directly related to crows, it radiates elegance and grace.

Girl Names That Mean Crow

Morrigan: Celtic roots: Morrigan signifies “phantom queen” or “great queen.” It is a powerful and enchanting choice, embodying strength and mystery.

Ravinia: A modern twist, Ravinia blends “raven” with a feminine touch. Perfect for a baby girl, exuding intelligence and elegance.
Variations: Ravenna

Corva: Latin origin, Corva means “crow.” A short and stylish name for your child, symbolizing intelligence and adaptability.

Branisla: Slavic roots, Branisla translates to “glorious raven.” A unique and robust choice for your little one, representing honor and wisdom.

Evrona: A modern creation, Evrona combines elements of “ever” and “raven.” A trendy and meaningful name symbolizes timeless intelligence.

Krowena: A creative fusion, Krowena combines “crow” with elegance—a distinctive and stylish choice for your baby, radiating mystery and charm.

Ravenelle: A sophisticated twist, Ravenelle fuses “raven” with a French flair— symbolizing intelligence and grace.

Corbella: A blend of “corvus” (Latin for crow) and “bella” (Italian for beautiful). A melodic and elegant name signifies beauty and intelligence.

Branna: Derived from Branwen, Branna means “blessed raven.” It reflects mystical charm and grace.

Ravenlynn: A modern composition, Ravenlynn combines “raven” with sweetness—a charming and delightful choice, radiating intelligence and warmth.

Avra: A short and stylish name of uncertain origin, Avra carries a subtle connection to crows—a unique and captivating choice.

Korina: A modern twist on Corbinian, Korina means “crow-like.” A sleek and contemporary name for your baby, symbolizing intelligence and adaptability.
Variations: Corina

Ravella: A feminine twist on Raven, Ravella signifies “blackbird.” A stylish and elegant choice for your baby, reflecting strength and beauty.

Thana: Of uncertain origin, Thana carries a mysterious charm associated with crows— symbolizing intelligence and grace.

Crown: A creative blend of “crow” and a touch of uniqueness. A modern and edgy name for your baby girl, representing individuality and strength.

Lavina: A classic name with Latin roots, Lavina means “woman of Rome” or “purified.” While not directly linked to crows, it carries a timeless elegance.

Boy Names That Mean Crow

Corvus: In Latin origin, Corvus simply means “crow.” It symbolizes intelligence, adaptability, and a connection to nature.

Branford: Old English roots, Branford means “ford where crows gather.” A sturdy choice for your baby, embodying strength and natural allure.

Ravioli: A modern creation, Ravioli blends “raven” with a unique twist—a cool and distinctive name for your baby, symbolizing intelligence and individuality.

Korvyn: A contemporary twist on Corbinian, Korvyn means “crow-like.” A stylish and modern name, representing intelligence and adaptability.
Variations: Korvin

Talvin: Of uncertain origin, Talvin carries a connection to crows— symbolizing intelligence and mystery.
Variations: Talvyn

Brantley: Old English roots, Brantley means “meadow of the crows.” A robust and rustic choice, evoking a connection to nature and resilience.

Ravencliff: A creative blend of “raven” and “cliff.” A bold and adventurous name, symbolizing intelligence and strength.

Corviano: A fusion of “corvus” (Latin for crow) and a touch of elegance. A sophisticated and distinctive name, signifying intelligence and charm.

Branik: Slavic roots. Branik means “little raven.” A charming and endearing choice, reflecting a connection to nature and intelligence.
Variations: Branic, Branick

Rooklyn: A creative blend of “rook” (a type of crow) and “lyn.” A modern and urban-inspired name symbolizes intelligence and individuality.
Variations: Rooklin

Hawthorn: Old English roots, Hawthorn means “crow thorn.” A rugged and nature-inspired choice, symbolizing strength and resilience.

Crowley: Of uncertain origin, Crowley carries a mysterious and charming allure associated with crows—an excellent and edgy choice.
Variations: Crowley

Branock: A unique twist on Bran: Branock means “little raven.” A cute and endearing choice, embodying a connection to nature and intelligence.
Variations: Branok

Ravendon: A creative blend of “raven” and “don” (hill)—a solid name for your baby boy, symbolizing intelligence and a connection to nature.

Eaglewood: A nature-inspired name, Eaglewood combines the strength of an eagle with the charisma of crows.

Corliss: Old English roots, Corliss means “cheerful crow.” It embodies the intelligence and social nature of crows.
Variations: Corless

FAQs For Names That Mean Crow

What is the significance of names that mean “Crow”?

Names that mean “crow” often carry associations with mystery, intelligence, and adaptability, as crows are known for their cleverness and symbolic significance in various cultures.

Can names meaning “Crow” be used for any gender?

Yes, names meaning “Crow” can be suitable for any gender, as the symbolism of crows is not inherently gender-specific.

Do these names have cultural or historical connections?

Some names meaning “Crow” may have connections to specific cultures or mythologies where crows hold symbolic importance, such as in Native American or Celtic folklore.

Are there variations of names meaning “Crow” in different cultures or languages?

Yes, names with the meaning of “Crow” may have variations in different cultures or languages, offering diverse options with unique linguistic roots.

Can names meaning “Crow” be chosen for individuals without a connection to the bird?

Certainly. These names can be chosen for their symbolic qualities, such as intelligence and adaptability, even without a direct connection to crows.

Are there famous or fictional characters with names meaning “Crow”?

While specific names may not be widely recognized, some fictional characters or literary figures may embody the characteristics associated with crows, such as wisdom and mystery.

Do these names have variations for a more feminine or masculine touch?

Yes, some names meaning “Crow” may have variations that suit either a more feminine or masculine form, allowing for flexibility in choice.

Can these names be combined with other names or surnames easily?

Yes, names meaning “Crow” are often versatile and can be combined with various names or surnames to create unique and meaningful combinations.

Are there specific traits or qualities associated with names meaning “Crow”?

Names meaning “Crow” may evoke traits such as intelligence, adaptability, mystery, and a connection to nature, inspired by the characteristics of crows.

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Final Words

The quest for baby names that carry the essence of charisma and intelligence often leads us to the intriguing category of names that mean “crow.” The symbolism associated with crows, such as wisdom, cleverness, and adaptability, adds a unique charm to the names chosen for little ones. As parents explore the vast landscape of baby names, meaning crow offers a distinctive and thought-provoking choice. So, when selecting a first or last name that means crow, parents embark on a journey of significance, weaving a narrative that resonates with the captivating allure of these intelligent birds.

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