55+ Baby Names That Mean Revenge With Origin for Your Little One [2023]

Names That Mean Revenge: Get a baby name that means Revenge from different origins of the entire world. These names meaning Revenge will help you in naming your newborn. Unveiling the intriguing realm of Names That Mean Revenge, this exploration delves into the potent history of monikers that embody vengeance.

From ancient mythologies to contemporary cultures, discover how these names encapsulate stories of retribution and resilience, echoing the enduring human spirit’s quest for justice. Explore the dynamic tapestry of linguistic legacies that echo the timeless pursuit of redress.

Baby Names That Mean Revenge

Vindicta (Latin) – Meaning “revenge.”

Akin (Turkish) – Meaning “revenge.”

Thanatos (Greek) – Meaning “revenge” or “death.”

Vendetta (Italian) – Meaning “revenge” or “feud.”

Ekanta (Sanskrit) – Meaning “revenge” or “retaliation.”

Intikam (Turkish) – Meaning “revenge.”

Ultio (Latin) – Meaning “revenge” or “retaliation.”

Nikamat (Hindi) – Meaning “revenge” or “retaliation.”

Adalet (Turkish) – Meaning “revenge” or “justice.”

Ma’aleh (Hebrew) – Meaning “revenge” or “payback.”

Hammam (Arabic) – Meaning “revenge” or “retaliation.”

Dard (Persian) – Meaning “revenge” or “retribution.”

Mancam (Indonesian) – Meaning “revenge” or “vengeance.”

Adhama (Sanskrit) – Meaning “revenge” or “retaliation.”

Iccha (Sanskrit) – Meaning “revenge” or “desire for retaliation.”

Akushla (Sanskrit) – Meaning “revenge” or “retaliation.”

Timhida (Greek) – Meaning “revenge” or “vengeance.”

Ihtikar (Arabic) – Meaning “revenge” or “vengefulness.”

Kuklos (Greek) – Meaning “revenge” or “payback.”

Dziga (Russian) – Meaning “revenge” or “reprisal.”

Retalio (Latin) – Meaning “revenge” or “retaliation.”

Kinaya (Swahili) – Meaning “revenge” or “retaliation.”

Adila (Arabic) – Meaning “revenge” or “retaliation.”

Pratikara (Sanskrit) – Meaning “revenge” or “retribution.”

Akibat (Indonesian) – Meaning “revenge” or “consequence.”

Kataki (Japanese) – Meaning “revenge” or “retaliation.”

Nakam (Hebrew) – Meaning “revenge” or “retaliation.”

Muharaba (Arabic) – Meaning “revenge” or “warfare.”

Vilima (Lithuanian) – Meaning “revenge” or “retaliation.”

Hämnd (Swedish) – Meaning “revenge” or “vengeance.”

Baby Girl Names That Mean Revenge

Vengeance – English origin, meaning “desire for revenge.”

Retalia – Latin origin, meaning “retaliation” or “reprisal.”

Adira – Hebrew origin, meaning “strong” or “powerful, as in seeking revenge.”

Vendetta – Italian origin, meaning “feud” or “prolonged desire for revenge.”

Nemesis – Greek origin, meaning “retribution” or “divine vengeance.”

Takara – Japanese origin, meaning “seeking to get even or seeking revenge.”

Muhariba – Arabic origin, meaning “one who seeks retribution” or “avenger.”

Nikita – Russian origin, meaning “victory” or “avenged.”

Dharma – Sanskrit origin, meaning “justice” or “righteous vengeance.”

Dina – Arabic origin, meaning “retribution” or “judgment.”

Avengea – English origin, meaning “to take vengeance or exact satisfaction for.”

Kaliska – Native American origin, meaning “revenge” or “ferocious vengeance.”

Thana – Arabic origin, meaning “vindication” or “retribution.”

Vendela – Swedish origin, meaning “to avenge” or “to take revenge.”

Kaida – Japanese origin, meaning “little dragon,” symbolizing the desire for revenge.

Fatin – Arabic origin, meaning “clever” or “intelligent, as in planning revenge.”

Adhira – Sanskrit origin, meaning “restless” or “impatient for vengeance.”

Hamas – Japanese origin, meaning “retribution” or “punishment for a wrongdoing.”

Maat – Egyptian origin, meaning “justice” or “retribution for wrongdoing.”

Ultima – Latin origin, meaning “final” or “ultimate revenge.”

Baby Boy Names That Mean Revenge

Vengeful – English origin, meaning “seeking revenge.”

Ademon – Greek origin, meaning “one who seeks retribution.”

Daimon – Greek origin, meaning “revenge” or “retaliation.”

Retribution – Latin origin, meaning “punishment inflicted in the spirit of revenge.”

Vendettan – Italian origin, meaning “associated with revenge or vendetta.”

Avenger – English origin, meaning “one who seeks vengeance for a perceived wrongdoing.”

Takara – Japanese origin, meaning “seeking to get even or seeking revenge.”

Muharib – Arabic origin, meaning “a fighter” or “one seeking revenge.”

Adham – Arabic origin, meaning “one who seeks retaliation.”

Nakama – Japanese origin, meaning “a companion seeking to avenge a wrongdoing.”

Vindicator – Latin origin, meaning “one who seeks retribution for a perceived injustice.”

Avenge – English origin, meaning “to take vengeance or exact satisfaction for.”

Thanatos – Greek origin, meaning “the personification of death and vengeance.”

Retaliator – Latin origin, meaning “one who seeks revenge in response to an offense.”

Nekama – Hebrew origin, meaning “one seeking retribution or revenge.”

Rivaldo – Spanish origin, meaning “one who seeks revenge or retribution.”

Kosta – Slavic origin, meaning “a name associated with seeking revenge or retribution.”

Darden – English origin, meaning “a person seeking to avenge a perceived injustice.”

Nikos – Greek origin, meaning “one who seeks vengeance or retribution.”

Ultan – Irish origin, meaning “a person seeking revenge or retribution.”

FAQs About Names That Mean Revenge

What are some common cultural associations with names that mean revenge?

Names that denote revenge often carry cultural connotations that reflect societal attitudes toward justice, retribution, and accountability. These associations vary across different cultures, highlighting the diverse interpretations and perceptions of revenge within specific communities and historical contexts.

Are names that mean revenge popular choices for contemporary parents?

While some individuals may gravitate toward names that carry a sense of strength and intensity, the popularity of revengeful names as choices for modern parents remains relatively niche. However, these names continue to intrigue individuals seeking titles with profound meanings and historical significance, adding a layer of depth and uniqueness to their children’s identities.

How do names that signify revenge impact individuals’ perceptions?

Names that evoke the concept of revenge can influence how individuals perceive themselves and others, shaping their understanding of strength, resilience, and the pursuit of justice. These names may inspire a sense of empowerment and determination, instilling a spirit of resilience and fortitude in those who bear them.

What role do revengeful names play in literature and storytelling?

In literature and storytelling, revengeful names often serve as powerful symbols that drive plot development and character arcs

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Last Words

In the intricate tapestry of human expression, names that embody the spirit of revenge hold a profound significance. From historical legacies to contemporary narratives, these titles evoke a sense of resilience, justice, and the enduring quest for balance. As we unravel the stories and meanings behind these names, we come to appreciate the richness of human emotion and the timeless power of storytelling. Embracing the complexities of our shared history, these names serve as a testament to the enduring pursuit of truth and redemption.

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