60+ Baby Name That Means Bone With It’s Origin [2023]

Name That Means Bone: Hi Parents, are you looking for Baby Boy and Girl Names that mean Loud for your newborn Baby? Selecting a unique name for your newborn baby is a very confusing task for any parent. Embarking on a lexical journey through the landscape of human anatomy, one encounters a realm of names that encapsulates the essence of solidity and endurance—names that mean “bone.”

Delving into the linguistic origins of these designations, we unravel a narrative woven with historical significance and symbolic depth. These names serve as linguistic embodiments of the unyielding strength that underpins the human form, resonating with the primal foundations of existence itself.

Baby Names That Mean Bone

Asthi (Sanskrit) – Meaning “bone” in Sanskrit.

Huesos (Spanish) – Translating to “bones” in Spanish.

Ossa (Latin) – Derived from the Latin word for “bone.”

Kotsu (Japanese) – Referring to “bone” in Japanese.

Kost (Russian) – Meaning “bone” in Russian.

Costo (Italian) – Signifying “rib” or “bone” in Italian.

Kaula (Hawaiian) – Referring to “bone” in the Hawaiian language.

Tulang (Filipino) – Meaning “bone” in Filipino.

Knochen (German) – Translating to “bone” in German.

Kosti (Czech) – Signifying “bones” in the Czech language.

Osteon (Greek) – Derived from the Greek word for “bone.”

Kostka (Polish) – Meaning “bone” or “cube” in Polish.

Ascia (Albanian) – Referring to “bone” in Albanian.

Kondi (Bengali) – Signifying “bone” in the Bengali language.

Guzai (Chinese) – Meaning “bone” in Chinese.

Tul (Arabic) – Referring to “bone” in Arabic.

Kond (Estonian) – Signifying “bone” in Estonian.

Kaula (Fijian) – Meaning “bone” in Fijian.

Kaula (Maori) – Referring to “bone” in the Maori language.

Ts’eg (Mongolian) – Signifying “bone” in Mongolian.

Kaul (Gujarati) – Meaning “bone” in the Gujarati language.

Kaulas (Lithuanian) – Signifying “bone” in Lithuanian.

Cosont (Hungarian) – Translating to “bone” in Hungarian.

Kaula (Samoan) – Referring to “bone” in the Samoan language.

Kaul (Marathi) – Meaning “bone” in the Marathi language.

Tul (Dutch) – Signifying “bone” in Dutch.

Kost (Norwegian) – Referring to “bone” in Norwegian.

Kosti (Finnish) – Meaning “bone” in Finnish.

Kaula (Tongan) – Signifying “bone” in the Tongan language.

Kaula (Swahili) – Referring to “bone” in the Swahili language.

Baby Girl Names That Mean Bone

Asthika – Meaning “bone” in Sanskrit.

Ossia – Derived from the Latin word for “bone.”

Kaula – Referring to “bone” in the Hawaiian language.

Kostina – Meaning “bone” in Russian.

Kondita – Signifying “bone” in Bengali.

Kosti – Translating to “bones” in the Czech language.

Tulanga – Meaning “bone” in Filipino.

Costina – Signifying “bone” in Romanian.

Kaula – Referring to “bone” in Fijian.

Guzaina – Meaning “bone” in Chinese.

Kostia – Signifying “bone” in Ukrainian.

Kaulina – Referring to “bone” in the Samoan language.

Ostea – Derived from the Greek word for “bone.”

Kaula – Signifying “bone” in Swahili.

Huesa – Translating to “bones” in Spanish.

Kondi – Referring to “bone” in the Bengali language.

Kaula – Meaning “bone” in the Maori language.

Csonta – Signifying “bone” in Hungarian.

Kostka – Referring to “bone” in Polish.

Tulana – Meaning “bone” in Lithuanian.

Baby Boy Names That Mean Bone

Asthi (Sanskrit) – Meaning “bone” in Sanskrit.

Costi (Latin) – Meaning “bone” in Latin.

Hueso (Spanish) – Meaning “bone” in Spanish.

Osteo (Greek) – Derived from the Greek word “osteon,” meaning “bone.”

Kotsu (Japanese) – Meaning “bone” in Japanese.

Hadd (Arabic) – Meaning “bone” in Arabic.

Dulo (Filipino) – Derived from the Filipino word “buto,” meaning “bone.”

Kauli (Hawaiian) – Meaning “bone” in Hawaiian.

Kost (Dutch) – Derived from the Dutch word “kost,” meaning “bone.”

Luuranko (Finnish) – Meaning “skeleton” in Finnish, related to bones.

Kotschen (German) – Meaning “bone” in German.

Kostas (Greek) – Derived from the Greek word “osteon,” meaning “bone.”

Huesito (Spanish) – A diminutive form of “hueso,” meaning “little bone” in Spanish.

Rangkulan (Indonesian) – Meaning “bone” in Indonesian.

Kaulai (Lithuanian) – Derived from the Lithuanian word “kaukolė,” meaning “bone.”

Ossa (Italian) – Derived from the Italian word “osso,” meaning “bone.”

Kusti (Estonian) – Meaning “bone” in Estonian.

Kosci (Polish) – Meaning “bone” in Polish.

Kotsalo (Slovak) – Derived from the Slovak word “kost,” meaning “bone.”

Aski (Turkish) – Meaning “bone” in Turkish.

FAQs About the Names That Mean Bone

Are bone-inspired names only suitable for boys?

No, these names are gender-neutral and can be bestowed upon individuals of any gender, reflecting the strength and resilience inherent in everyone.

Do these names hold cultural significance?

Yes, these names draw inspiration from various cultures worldwide, showcasing the universal recognition of the symbolism associated with bone.

Can these names influence a child’s personality?

While a name does not solely determine one’s character, it can certainly imbue a sense of strength and resilience, shaping the individual’s self-perception and confidence.

Are bone-inspired names becoming popular in contemporary society?

Yes, with the increasing appreciation for unique and meaningful names, bone-inspired names have garnered attention and appreciation from parents seeking distinctive monikers for their children.

Can these names be customized or modified?

Certainly, these names can be adapted to suit personal preferences, allowing individuals to infuse their unique touch while preserving the inherent strength and resilience associated with bone.

Do these names carry any historical significance?

Many of these names have historical roots, showcasing their timeless appeal and enduring relevance in various cultural narratives throughout history.

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Embracing the power and resilience associated with bone, the selection of a name inspired by this symbolic strength serves as a powerful affirmation of the robustness and endurance that we all strive to embody. The diverse range of bone-inspired names showcased in this guide reflects the timeless allure and universal recognition of the unwavering spirit encapsulated by this essential element of the human body.

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