55+ Baby Names That Mean Smart With Origin for Your Little One [2023]

Get a baby name that means Smart from different origins of the entire world. These names meaning smart will help you for naming your newborn.

A name holds the power to shape destinies and perceptions. It serves as an initial introduction, a verbal emblem that accompanies an individual throughout their lifetime. The concept of smart names goes beyond mere linguistic designations, encompassing the complexities of societal expectations, cultural nuances, and psychological implications. Understanding what makes a name ‘smart’ involves exploring the intricate interplay between language, culture, and the human psyche.

Unisex Names That Mean the Smart

Akil (Arabic) – meaning “intelligent” or “smart”

Aiden (Irish) – derived from the name Aodh, meaning “fiery” or “intelligent”

Ariel (Hebrew) – meaning “lion of God” or “intelligent”

Alva (Irish) – meaning “smart” or “noble”

Clever (English) – directly signifies “smart” or “intelligent”

Dexter (Latin) – meaning “skillful” or “clever”

Imara (Swahili) – meaning “strong” or “firm,” often associated with intelligence

Sage (English) – meaning “wise” or “smart”

Sophia (Greek) – directly translates to “wisdom” or “intelligence”

Ken (Japanese) – signifies “wise” or “intelligent”

Minato (Japanese) – meaning “harbor” or “smart”

Siofra (Irish) – meaning “wisdom” or “intelligence”

Tadashi (Japanese) – meaning “loyal” or “smart”

Connelly (Irish) – meaning “wise” or “intelligent”

Hans (German) – meaning “smart” or “clever”

Mindaugas (Lithuanian) – combining “mind” and “strong,” signifying intellectual strength

Ronan (Irish) – meaning “little seal” or “wise”

Prudence (Latin) – meaning “foresight” or “wisdom”

Koa (Hawaiian) – meaning “warrior” or “smart”

Sanjay (Sanskrit) – meaning “victorious” or “triumphant,” often associated with intelligence.

Baby Boy Names That Mean Smart

Hugo (German) – meaning “intellect” or “mind”

Alfred (English) – derived from the Old English name Ælfræd, meaning “wise counselor”

Enoch (Hebrew) – meaning “dedicated” or “educated”

Ethan (Hebrew) – signifies “strong,” “safe,” or “smart”

Franklin (English) – meaning “free landowner” or “wise man”

Kenzo (Japanese) – meaning “wise” or “intelligent”

Merritt (English) – signifying “deserving” or “intelligent”

Nasir (Arabic) – meaning “helper” or “smart one”

Otto (German) – meaning “wealth” or “prosperity,” often associated with intelligence

Philip (Greek) – derived from the Greek name Philippos, meaning “lover of horses” or “fond of intelligence”

Raymond (German) – meaning “wise protector” or “counselor”

Ronald (Scottish) – meaning “wise ruler” or “powerful counselor”

Solomon (Hebrew) – derived from the Hebrew word for “peace,” often associated with wisdom and intelligence

Truman (English) – meaning “loyal one” or “smart man”

William (English) – derived from the Germanic name Wilhelm, meaning “resolute protection” or “smart protector”

Baby Girl Names That Mean Smart

Aanya (Hindi) – meaning “grace” or “cleverness”

Alina (Greek) – derived from the name Alaine, signifying “bright” or “intelligent”

Chiara (Italian) – meaning “bright” or “clear,” often associated with intelligence

Frida (German) – derived from the name Friedrich, meaning “peace” or “intelligent”

Maia (Greek) – meaning “mother” or “wise one”

Minerva (Latin) – derived from the name of the Roman goddess of wisdom, often associated with intelligence

Ramona (Spanish) – meaning “wise protector” or “smart one”

Saffi (Arabic) – meaning “pure” or “wise”

Sarai (Hebrew) – meaning “my princess” or “smart woman”

Sophia (Greek) – directly translates to “wisdom” or “intelligence”

Tessa (Greek) – derived from the name Theresa, signifying “to reap” or “wise”

Vernita (Latin) – meaning “springlike” or “smart woman”

Wanda (Slavic) – meaning “shepherdess” or “intelligent”

Zara (Arabic) – meaning “princess” or “intelligent woman”

Zuri (Swahili) – meaning “beautiful” or “clever”.

Last words

Names that signify intelligence reflect a timeless admiration for intellect. Through the centuries, these appellations have symbolized sagacity and brilliance, a tribute to the power of the mind. Choosing such a name for a child is more than a mere label; it’s an affirmation of their potential and an ode to the beauty of knowledge.

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