58+ Baby Names That Mean Silver With It’s Origin and Meaning [2024]

Names That Mean Silver: Explore a curated selection of baby names that mean silver, embodying elegance and purity. Find the perfect name with our collection of names meaning silver. Whether you seek a first or last name that means silver, our collection has been curated with the utmost care. Elevate your baby’s identity with a name that captures the essence of the precious metal – silver. Choose a name that signifies not only beauty but also endurance. Find the perfect name for your little one.

Baby Names That Mean Silver

Argentia (Female): A Latin name meaning “silvery” or “made of silver,” reflecting a timeless and elegant quality.

Lirian (Unisex): Derived from Irish Gaelic, Lirian means “silver-haired.” It signifies grace and purity with a touch of ethereal beauty.

Pereira (Female): A Portuguese name meaning “silver pearl,” symbolizing rare beauty and uniqueness.

Arianwen (Female): Of Welsh origin, Arianwen means “fair, blessed silver.” A name associated with beauty, grace, and a touch of the mystical.
Variations: Arianwyn

Argento (Male): Italian for “silver,” Argento conveys a sense of sophistication and timeless elegance.

Selena (Female): Inspired by the Greek goddess Selene, Selena means “moonlit silver.” A name of celestial charm and grace.
Variations: Selenia

Althaea (Female): Of Greek origin, Althaea means “healing herb” or “silver.” A name with a soothing, natural essence.
Variations: Althea

Argyros (Male): A Greek name meaning “silver” or “white.” It carries a solid and noble connotation.
Variations: Argyrus

Silvianne (Female): A blend of “silver” and “Anne,” Silvianne embodies grace and timeless beauty in English.
Variations: Sylvianne

Eirlys (Female): A Welsh name meaning “snowdrop” or “silver flower.” It evokes images of delicate purity and beauty.
Variations: Eirlyse

Argyra (Female): From Greek origins, Argyra means “silver lady.” A name that carries an air of sophistication and refinement.
Variations: Argyria

Cymbeline (Male): Of Celtic origin, Cymbeline means “silver bell.” It reflects a musical and enchanting quality.

Lumiere (Male): A French name meaning “light” or “bringer of light.” It implies a radiant and silver-like glow.

Argyro (Female): From Greek roots, Argyro means “silver woman.” It suggests a combination of strength and elegance.

Arianrod (Female): Of Welsh origin, Arianrod means “silver wheel” or “silver circle.” It embodies a sense of continuity and beauty.

Platina (Female): A name of Italian origin, Platina means “little silver.” It conveys a sense of preciousness and charm.

Moonstone (Unisex): Moonstone symbolizes the silver glow of the moon in English, imparting a mystical and ethereal quality.

Argentarius (Male): Latin for “silversmith” or “silver dealer.” A name with a strong, dynamic, and enduring character.

Girl Names That Mean Silver

Sterlinga: A modern English name, Sterlinga signifies “high quality” and “excellence,” reminiscent of sterling silver. It reflects strength and elegance.

Argentelle: With French roots, Argentelle means “silver star.” A name suggesting celestial beauty and a sparkling personality.
Variations: Argentella

Luneira: A fusion of “lunar” and “silver,” Luneira embodies a silvery moonlight glow. It symbolizes mystery, grace, and feminine strength.

Seraphina: Of Hebrew origin, Seraphina means “ardent, fiery,” like molten silver. It represents a passionate and radiant personality.
Variations: Serafina

Argentia: A Latin name meaning “silvery” or “made of silver,” symbolizing timeless beauty and elegance.

Elysian: Inspired by Elysium, the Greek paradise, Elysian signifies a silver-lined utopia. It reflects beauty, grace, and heavenly charm.

Sylvienne: A blend of “silver” and “forest” in French, Sylvienne conveys a connection to nature and a graceful, silver-hued presence.

Iridesa: A name of Greek origin, Iridesa means “rainbow-like silver.” It suggests a colorful and shimmering personality.
Variations: Iridessa

Aluminia: With Latin roots, Aluminia signifies “bright silver.” It reflects a radiant and luminous

Eirwen: Of Welsh origin, Eirwen means “blessed snow” or “white silver.” It symbolizes purity, innocence, and ethereal beauty.

Argyria: Derived from Greek, Argyria means “silvery.” It suggests a delicate and graceful demeanor.

Selvera: A modern English name, Selvera combines “silver” and “vera” meaning truth. It reflects a sincere and genuine nature.

Lumina: With Latin roots, Lumina means “light” or “silver glow.” It symbolizes a radiant and luminous presence.
Variations: Lumena

Argentella: A variation of Argentelle, Argentella combines “silver” and “Ella,” conveying a touch of elegance and timeless charm in French.
Variations: Argentelle, Argelle

Zephyra: Of Greek origin, Zephyra means “west wind” or “gentle breeze.” It reflects a soft, silver-like touch and a gentle demeanor.

Platina: A name of Italian origin, Platina means “little silver.” It conveys a sense of preciousness and charm.

Elowen: Of Cornish origin, Elowen means “elm tree” or “silver tree.” It symbolizes strength, growth, and a connection to nature.
Variations: Elowyn

Boy Names That Mean Silver

Argenton: A unique blend of “argentum” (Latin for silver) and “ton” (town), Argenton signifies a village with a silvery allure. It evokes elegance and sophistication.

Sylvanix: With Latin and English origins, Sylvanix means “silver woods.” It embodies a connection to nature, strength, and a silver-hued essence.

Sterling: An English name, Sterling means “little star” or “of high quality,” reflecting the brilliance and value of sterling silver.
Variations: Starling, Sterling

Argyrios: Of Greek origin, Argyrios means “silver man.” It signifies strength, resilience, and a noble, silvery character.
Variations: Argyrius

Lysander: A Greek name meaning “liberator” or “silver man,” Lysander represents freedom, strength, and a shining, silvery presence.
Variations: Lyssander, Lysandre

Argento: Italian for “silver,” Argento conveys a sense of sophistication and timeless elegance.

Silvano: With Italian and Spanish roots, Silvano means “wooded” or “silver-haired.” It embodies a connection to nature and timeless charm.

Platinum: A modern English name inspired by the precious metal, Platinum reflects rarity, strength, and a silvery shine.

Cirrus: Derived from Latin, Cirrus means “curl” or “lock of hair.” Symbolizing silver strands, it suggests a distinctive and unique presence.

Argyron: Greek for “silver,” Argyron embodies purity, brilliance, and a robust and silvery character.

Borean: A fusion of “boreas” (Greek for north wind) and “ean” (shining), Borean signifies a silver-hued northern light. It reflects strength and brilliance.

Arianell: A Welsh name meaning “silver stream.” It symbolizes fluidity, adaptability, and the shining essence of silver.

Sterlinus: A modern English name, Sterlinus combines “sterling” and “us,” signifying a person of high quality and sterling character.

Argentius: A Latin name meaning “silvery” or “made of silver.” It reflects a timeless and sophisticated quality.

Lirion: Inspired by the Irish Gaelic word “lir,” meaning “silver,” Lirion symbolizes grace, beauty, and a shimmering essence.

Zephyrus: Of Greek origin, Zephyrus means “west wind” or “gentle breeze.” It suggests a soft, silvery touch and a calm demeanor.

Aurargent: A fusion of “aurum” (Latin for gold) and “Argentum” (Latin for silver), Aurargent represents a blend of gold and silver qualities.

Argus: Of Greek origin, Argus means “bright” or “shining.” It signifies a radiant and silvery presence, reflecting strength and brilliance.
Variations: Argos

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Final Words

In the enchanting realm of baby names, the quest for significance often leads to timeless elegance. As we conclude our exploration of names that mean silver, a tapestry of sophistication and purity unfolds. These carefully chosen names, each bearing a glimmering connection to precious metal, offer parents a unique opportunity to bestow upon their child a moniker that resonates with grace.
Choosing a name from this array is akin to selecting a piece of silver – a symbol of lasting brilliance. The journey through baby names that mean silver culminates in celebrating tradition, modernity, and the timeless allure of this precious element.

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