48+ Baby Names That Mean Rock With It’s Origins and Meaning

Names That Mean Rock: Embark on the strength and resilience of baby names that mean rock for girls and boys. Discover meaningful names echoing endurance for your little one.

Rocks can vary in texture, composition, and origin, forming the Earth’s crust and serving as a fundamental part of the planet’s structure. Whether inspired by historical references or the rugged beauty of the Earth, these names that mean rock provide a foundation of grit for your little one. Explore our rich tapestry of options, discovering a perfect fit for your child’s identity.

Baby Names That Mean Rock

Kailani (Girl): Derived from Hawaiian, Kailani signifies “sea and sky.” It’s a feminine name evoking nature’s boundless beauty and depth.

Stein (Boy): Of German origin, Stein means “stone.” It is a robust and masculine choice symbolizing resilience and stability.

Petra (Girl): From Greek roots, Petra translates to “rock” or “stone.” A name that exudes strength and durability, perfect for a little rockstar.

Bradan (Unisex): Of Irish origin, Bradan means “salmon.” A name representing determination and wisdom, inspired by the salmon’s journey against the current.

Keiran (Boy): With Celtic roots, Keiran translates to “little dark one.” It reflects solidity and mystery, making it a unique choice for your son.

Callan (Boy): Of Scottish origin, Callan means “rock” or “battle.” This name reflects the essence of overcoming challenges and emerging victorious.

Gemma (Girl): Derived from Italian, Gemma means “gem” or “precious stone.” A name embodying rarity and beauty.

Litha (Girl): With Lithuanian origins, Litha means “rock” or “stone.” Symbolizing solidity and the unyielding nature of a precious stone.

Brock (Boy): Of English origin, Brock means “badger” or “rock.” A name representing tenacity and a strong foundation.

Alaina (Girl): From French origins, Alaina means “rock.” It embodies strength and stability.

Granite (Unisex): Granite reflects the robustness and endurance of the stone it’s named after—a unique choice for parents seeking a firm.

Lysander (Boy): With Greek roots, Lysander means “liberator.” It symbolizes strength and freedom, perfect for a little one destined for greatness.

Selene (Girl): Of Greek origin, Selene means “moon.” Mirroring the steadfast nature of a rock beneath the serene moonlight.

Petrus (Boy): Derived from Latin, Petrus means “rock” or “stone.” It embodies strength and reliability like a solid rock foundation.

Sapphire (Unisex): Sapphire represents the precious gemstone. It symbolizes strength and purity, making it a beautiful choice.

Clifford (Boy): Of English origin, Clifford means “ford by a cliff.” It combines strength and stability, perfect for a little adventurer.

Arcadia (Girl): With Greek roots, Arcadia signifies a “region offering peace and simplicity.” A name reflecting the tranquil strength found in nature.

Crag (Unisex): Crag evokes images of rugged cliffs and strength. It’s a unique choice for parents seeking a name with a solid foundation.

Girl Names That Mean Rock

Calista: Of Greek origin, Calista means “most beautiful.” A name symbolizing strength and beauty, perfect for your little rock.

Ebony: Derived from the dark, dense wood, Ebony is of English origin— embodying resilience and strength.

Indira: With Hindu roots, Indira means “beauty” or “splendid.” It symbolizes the rock-solid beauty within.

Adamina: Of Hebrew origin, Adamina means “earth” or “red.” It reflects strength and a connection to the Earth.

Cerys: With Welsh origins, Cerys translates to “love.” A name embodying the enduring strength of love

Maeve: Of Irish origin, Maeve means “intoxicating.” It reflects the captivating nature of a solid rock.

Elara: With Greek roots, Elara means “bright” or “shining.” It represents a rock’s enduring brightness and strength.

Tallulah: With Native American origins, Tallulah means “leaping water.” It represents the unstoppable force of flowing water.

Sorrel: Of English origin, Sorrel refers to a reddish-brown color—a name as unique as a precious stone, symbolizing strength and individuality.

Valora: A modern name with Latin roots, Valora means “brave” or “strong” – embodying strength and courage.

Seraphina: Of Hebrew origin, Seraphina means “burning one” or “fiery angel.” A solid and angelic name symbolizes inner fire and strength.

Cascade: A word name representing a waterfall. Cascades are powerful and beautiful, making this a unique and nature-inspired choice.

Amalthea: With Greek roots, Amalthea means “tender goddess.” It reflects a goddess’s gentle strength and nurturing nature.

Deryn: Of Welsh origin, Deryn means “bird.” A graceful and nature-inspired name, symbolizing freedom and strength, much like a rock.

Sable: A word name representing a dark, rich black color. Sable is of English origin, making it a sleek and distinctive choice.

Dagny: Derived from Old Norse, Dagny means “new day.” It symbolizes each new day’s resilience and strength.

Aurelia: With Latin roots, Aurelia means “golden.” A name reflecting the precious and enduring qualities of gold, akin to the strength of a rock.

Soraya: Of Persian origin, Soraya means “gem” or “princess.” It embodies the rare beauty and strength found in precious gems.

Boy Names That Mean Rock

Garrick: Of English origin, Garrick means “spear ruler.” Embodying leadership and the unyielding strength of a rock.

Halden: With Old Norse roots, Halden means “half Dane.” Symbolizing the strength and resilience found in half a Dane’s heritage.

Caelum: Derived from Latin, Caelum means “sky” or “heavens.” reflecting the vast and enduring strength found in the sky.

Orin: Of Irish origin, Orin means “white” or “fair.” It symbolizes purity and the enduring strength akin to a rock.

Jovan: With Slavic roots, Jovan means “God is gracious.” It embodies divine grace and the enduring strength of a rock.

Eldric: Of old English origin, Eldric means “wise ruler.” It reflects wisdom and strength in effective rulership.

Bramwell: With English roots, Bramwell means “the well where the broom grows.” It symbolizes growth and the enduring strength of a well.

Zephyr: Of Greek origin, Zephyr means “west wind.” It embodies a gentle yet persistent wind force akin to a rock’s strength.

Leofric: With Old English roots, Leofric means “dear ruler.” It reflects leadership and strength in dear relationships.

Merrick: Of Welsh origin, Merrick means “fame ruler.” It embodies leadership and the enduring strength associated with ruling.

Thorne: With Old English roots, Thorne means “thorn bush.” It symbolizes protection and a thorn’s enduring strength.

Alaric: Of Germanic origin, Alaric means “ruler of all.” It reflects leadership and the enduring strength of rulership.

Sylvan: Derived from Latin, Sylvan means “wood” or “forest.” It symbolizes the strength and resilience found in the forest.

Alden: With Old English roots, Alden means “old friend.” It reflects the strength found in lasting friendships.

Everest: Of English origin, Everest means “dweller on the riverbank.” It symbolizes resilience and the enduring strength of a riverbank.

Kellan: With Irish roots, Kellan means “powerful” or “mighty.” Embodying strength and the power associated with might.

Brynmor: Of Welsh origin, Brynmor means “great hill.” It symbolizes greatness and strength on a hill.

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Final Thoughts

Choosing a name that means “rock” adds a layer of strength and resilience to your child’s identity. The significance of such names goes beyond mere linguistic symbolism, as they carry a timeless essence rooted in stability and endurance. As you explore the diverse world of first and last names that mean rock, you embark on a journey of cultural richness and linguistic beauty. Whether you’re drawn to names with historical significance or those reflecting the natural world, the options are as varied as the stones themselves. May your little one’s name be a steadfast foundation for a lifetime of strength and unwavering character.

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