60+ Baby Names that Mean Orange for Newborn

Names that mean Orange: Hi Parents, In this article, we are providing you with Cute Baby Names that mean Orange for your Newborn to consider. Selecting a unique and easy remembering name for Newborn Baby is a very confusing task for any Parent. The journey of naming a baby is a very adventurous and happy feeling.

Orange is such a happy color. It is bright, joyful, and uplifting. Maybe you are looking for a name for your baby that embodies the traits you would love to have in your child. In short, a name that means orange.

So you’ve come to the right place. I have made a list of names that somehow embody the different meanings and emotions of the color orange. Orange is an intense color. It symbolizes enthusiasm, optimism, and creativity.

It’s bold and bright, and a name with the essence of these characteristics should be a great way to start your child’s life. Now, take a look at our list and see if we have found the perfect name for you that identifies the baby you are about to bring into the world!

So, now let’s go through the names that mean orange.

Baby Names that Mean Orange

Anani: It is an old name for girls from the bible. The meaning of this name is divination and prophecy, and it brings in the Orange tree with birds.

Cam: It is a Vietnamese name for boys. The meaning of this name is orange fruit. It is also Cameron’s diminutive, which is Gaelic and means crooked nose. 

Daidai: It is another Asian boy’s name. The meaning of this name is orange and all its connotations.

Neroli: This name is a masculine version of the Italian girl’s name Nerola. This name comes from an Italian term that describes the orange blossom plant. 

Rusty: It is another name for boys, which is used more as a nickname for people with red hair. 

Sziéna: It is a baby girl’s name that has Hungarian origins. It refers to the reddish-orange colored sands, a little like the clays of Siena in Italy. A very unconventional name that conjures up mystical origins. 

Kitsuo: It is primarily a baby boy’s name, originating from Japanese origin. The meaning of this name is “orange, tangerine.”

Topaz: It is a unique name for girls, and its origin is the Greek language. It is the state gemstone of Texas and Utah. The meaning of this name is yellow-orange gemstone.

Boy or Male Names that Mean Orange

Auburn: It is a baby boy name of French and old Latin origin. This name is orangy brown; it has never been a popular name but was the name of a 19th-century politician, Auburn Pridemore. 

Cyrus: It is a baby boy’s name that means sun in Persian. Similar to Soleil in French, it invokes golden sun and sunny skies.

Garfield: It is a boy’s name harking back to centuries ago; it’s a name that evokes the orange-striped cat from the Garfield cartoons.

Fox: It is an old and traditional name for boys that gained popularity due to a character called Fox Mulder from the 1990s TV series, The X Files. It is not the most popular first name, but it has a long history and was popular in England. It references the native wild dog of the UK. 

Kirros: It is a masculine name as it appears in old stories as the hero or as an essential character. It originated from the Greek; it means orange and is considered vital.

Neroli: It is a masculine version name. It refers to the prolific and beautiful flowers of the orange blossom trees from Italy. 

Rufus: It was a trendy name for boys in the early 20th century. It originated from Latin. The meaning of this name is “red-haired” and reddish orange.

Sorrel: It is a French name that refers to a color with traces of both orange and red. Parents looking for botanical names might appreciate it because it is also the name of an herb.

Titian: It is a name that initially showed a person had red or orange hair. Writers still use the name to describe people with specific hair colors.

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Girl or Female Names that Mean Orange

Alani: It is a Hawaiian name for girls. It means “precious” or “orange tree.” Another origin is Gaelic, Ailin meaning “beautiful” or a “small stone.”In Irish and Hebrew, Alani means “beautiful.”

Daidai: It is a famous and beautiful name for girls. The name Daidai comes from an orange tree that people in those places selected for its sweet fruits.

Honey: It is a name for a sweet golden girl. It is an English-originated name that is very popular in the Uk but less so in the USA. The Meaning of this name is Sweet as Honey; Sweetheart; Honey; Beloved; Sweet; Adorable, orange color.

Jacinthe: It’s a beautiful French name that means orange-red. Jacinthe is a rare name and can be spelled as Jacynthe and Jacinth. 

Lantana: It is another uncommon name for girls that is quite rare and quite different with a botanical Latin base. The Meaning of this name is orange flowers.

Marigold: It is an ancient English baby girl name, often shortened to Goldie, that has never been in the top 1000 baby names. It’s a pretty yellow-orange flower name that can also spell Marigold, Marigold, or Marigold. 

Nerënxa: This name comes from the Albanian word. The Meaning of this name is “bitter orange,” a popular fruit for marmalades, flavoring, and essential oils in the Mediterranean.

Saffron: It is a beautiful old French girl’s name. The Meaning of this name is yellow-orange spice and saffron.

Tawny: It is a popular Irish girl’s name. The Meaning of this name is the color golden brown, reddish orange. 

Yuzana: It is a name from the Buddhist areas of Burma and means “Orange Jasmine,” this flower smells very sweet and has orange berries after it blooms. It is considered a divine and spiritual name.

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Unique Names that Mean Orange

Aranchi: It is an uncommon name for baby girls from the Tigrinya area of Ethiopia and Eritrea areas. It also refers to the orange fruits that grow prolifically in the area.

Cider: It is a popular name for boys that means orange for boys is cider. It brings to mind cool days spent selecting apples in the orchard and consuming warm mugs of apple cider.

Coral: It is a beautiful name for baby girls, originating from Latin. The Meaning of this name is orange color.

Nerola: This is a beautiful Italian name for girls; it means “orange blossom.” It has several equally beautiful variants like Nerolia, Neroli, and Neroly. It is another rare name that has an orange theme. 

Orenji: It’s instead a lovely Japanese name for a baby girl. It is the literal translation of orange, color, and fruit. 

Rust: It is a masculine name that often brings images of fast race cars to mind. The meaning of this name is deep orange color. 

Sienna: It is a lovely Italian baby girl’s name that refers to the reddish-orange color. Princess Beatrice picked Sienna as her first child’s name.

Tiger: It is a unique name for baby boys. This shade of orange is brighter than other stripes and brings to mind the deep colors found on a tiger’s hide.

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Top Names that Mean Orange

Azahar: It is an even more unusual girl’s name that has an Arabic background. It refers to the orange blossom that grows all over the Mediterranean.

Amber: It is primarily a female name of English origin. The Meaning of this name is Fossilized Tree Resin Or the Color Orange/Red. 

Carmine: It is a beautiful boy’s name which means bright shades of orange and red. This name originated from Italian and Latin origin; it also has feminine versions, such as Carmen.

Ginger: It is a unique and traditional baby girl name originating from English. The Meaning of this name is Reddish Orange Color.

Koi: Koi is a more exotic name in Hawaiian. The Meaning of this name is “urge” and “implore.”

Kitsu: It is a Japanese kanji word used as a name for baby girls. The Meaning of this name is orange or tangerine.

Mikan: It is another Japanese word from its many languages that means orange. Girls given this name are often of the Judaism religion. 

Roux: It is a unique name; it means the deep red and brown color of a thickener used in cooking. It has a deep connection to the Creole and Cajun cultures in the American south.

Santara: It is a sweet name with variations like Santra and Tara. The Meaning of this name is reddish-orange color.

Tigerlily: Another lovely orange flower name, Tigerlily, was also the princess in the original Peter Pan story. A firm name from American literature with a botanical base belongs to a capable woman. 

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Final Words

Hi parents, I hope you have read baby names that mean Orange and enjoyed this very well. Now you have enough ideas about the a name that means Orange. So, You may select name that means Orange from the above list. If you any names Suggestions or Doubt Just asked me on comment. Thank you!

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