Top 55+ Baby Names That Mean Evil For Your Newborn

In baby names, some parents seek unique, distinctive choices that reflect a darker or more mysterious essence. Exploring the intriguing category of names that convey a sense of mischief or darkness, we unveil a collection of baby names that mean evil. These names, steeped in history and mythology, carry an enigmatic charm that might appeal to those drawn to unconventional choices.

The names with evil meanings invite a departure from the ordinary, allowing parents to embrace a unique narrative for their children. Whether inspired by mythology, literature, or cultural folklore, these names add an intriguing layer to the tapestry of baby name choices.

Baby Names That Mean Evil

Malphas (Male): In Greek mythology, Malphas signifies an evil presence. Variations include Malphus and Malphias.

Lilith (Female): With Hebrew origins, Lilith is associated with a rebellious, dark spirit. Variations include Lilit and Lileth.

Aeron (Male): Derived from Welsh folklore, Aeron means “battle” or “slaughter,” embodying a sinister essence.

Bael (Male): With roots in Semitic tradition, Bael is a demonic name representing malevolence. Variations include Baelon.

Morrigan (Female): Emerging from Irish mythology, Morrigan is a goddess of war and fate, associated with darker aspects.

Thalassa (Female): Greek in origin, Thalassa symbolizes the sea’s destructive power, reflecting an ominous nature.

Nyx (Female): Hailing from Greek mythology, Nyx is the goddess of night, embodying darkness and mystery. Variations include Nixie and Nyxia.

Kali (Female): With roots in Sanskrit, Kali represents destruction and is a Hindu goddess associated with chaos.

Marbas (Male): From Christian demonology, Marbas is a demonic entity known for causing harm.

Circe (Female): Featured in Greek mythology, Circe is an enchantress with dark powers. Variations include Circey.

Belphegor (Male): Rooted in Hebrew tradition, Belphegor is a demon associated with sloth and destructive temptations. Variations include Belphigor and Belfegor.

Ravana (Male): In Hindu mythology, Ravana is a demon king with a nasty reputation.

Ahriman (Male): From Persian mythology, Ahriman embodies chaos and evil. Variations include Ariman and Ahreeman.

Lamashtu (Female): In Mesopotamian mythology, Lamashtu is a malevolent demoness associated with harm to mothers and infants. Variations include Lamaštu.

Abraxas (Male): In Gnostic traditions, Abraxas is a mystical name representing both good and evil. Variations include Abracax.

Hecate (Female): Rooted in Greek mythology, Hecate is a goddess associated with witchcraft and the underworld. Variations include Hekate.

Balor (Male): In Celtic mythology, Balor is a malevolent giant associated with a destructive eye.

Dysnomia ( Female): From Greek mythology, Dysnomia is a personification of lawlessness and chaos.

Girl Names That Mean Evil

Melinoe: Derived from Greek mythology, Melinoe is a dark goddess associated with ghosts. Variations include Melinna and Melinara.

Bellatrix: Latin for “warrior,” Bellatrix has celestial associations but also implies a fierce, dark aspect. Variations include Bellatrice.

Thana: Arabic for “death,” Thana carries a mysterious and ominous connotation. Variations include Thanya.

Nephthys: From Egyptian mythology, Nephthys represents the protective yet enigmatic goddess of death.

Letha: Greek for “oblivion” or “forgetfulness,” Letha carries an intriguing, darker undertone.

Moros: The Greek mythological figure Moros, the personification of doom, brings a foreboding and mysterious quality.

Calista: Although Greek for “most beautiful,” Calista’s beauty holds a mysterious allure. Variations include Callista and Kallista.

Morgana: Rooted in Celtic mythology, Morgana is associated with enchantment and mysterious forces.

Selena: Derived from Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene adds a mysterious lunar touch.

Malvina: Of Scottish origin, Malvina means “smooth brow” but carries an intriguing, mysterious undertone. Variations include Malvinya.

Fenella: Scottish for “white shoulder,” Fenella holds an alluring mystery within its elegant simplicity. Variations include Finella and Fynella.

Hespera: From Greek mythology, Hespera, meaning “evening” or “night,” conveys a captivating, mysterious charm.

Venomia: Derived from Latin, Venomia reflects a poisonous and mysterious nature.

Obsidiana: Spanish for “obsidian,” Obsidiana symbolizes the dark beauty of volcanic glass, adding mystery to the name.

Boy Names That Mean Evil

Maelstrom: With English roots, Maelstrom signifies a powerful and tumultuous force, representing an ominous and destructive presence.

Vorago: Latin for “abyss” or “chasm,” Vorago denotes a deep, dark void, embodying an
enigmatic and foreboding essence.

Nocturne: From French, Nocturne implies a connection to the night, suggesting a shadowy and mysterious nature.

Zephyrus: In Greek, Zephyrus means “west wind” but takes on a dark twist, symbolizing a sinister and explosive force.

Thanatos: Rooted in Greek mythology, Thanatos is the personification of death, embodying a malevolent and inevitable force.

Abyssus: Latin for “abyss,” Abyssus captures the essence of a deep, dark void, representing an ominous and mysterious presence.

Caligus: Latin for “darkness” or “obscurity,” Caligus conveys a sense of shadowy malevolence, embodying a mysterious and foreboding quality.

Mordred: From Arthurian legend, Mordred is associated with betrayal and evil, representing a dark and treacherous nature.

Obsidian: Latin-inspired. Obsidian symbolizes volcanic glass’s dark and lustrous qualities, reflecting an ominous and mysterious aura.

Vetis: Latin for “bribery” or “corruption,” Vetis embodies a malevolent force associated with deceit and wickedness.

Nihilus: Latin for “nothing” or “void,” Nihilus represents a dark and empty existence, embodying an enigmatic and foreboding essence.

Maleficus: With Latin roots, Maleficus signifies “wicked” or “malevolent,” capturing the essence of an inherently evil and ominous nature. Variations include Maleficus.

Cimmerian: From Greek mythology, Cimmerian denotes a people dwelling in perpetual darkness, embodying an enigmatic and foreboding presence.

Ruinor: Latin-inspired. Ruinor symbolizes a force of destruction, representing an ominous and evil power.

Abraxius: Inspired by Gnostic traditions, Abraxius embodies a mystical and evil force, representing both dark and mysterious qualities.

Gravion: Latin for “heavy” or “weighty,” Gravion suggests a burdensome and malevolent presence, embodying a dark and foreboding essence.

Somberus: With Latin roots, Somberus conveys a sense of darkness and gloom, embodying an ominous and foreboding nature.

Nyxios: Inspired by Greek mythology, Nyxios is derived from Nyx, the goddess of night, symbolizing a dark and mysterious force.

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Exploring the realm of baby names with darker undertones opens up a unique narrative for parents seeking unconventional options. Opting for names that embody mystery and strength, both for females and males, allows for a departure from traditional choices.

Unisex options, like Raven and Phoenix, bring a touch of mysticism to the selection. These names with evil meanings weave a distinctive tapestry for parents who appreciate the allure of history and mythology in their child’s identity. By embracing this collection, parents ensure their child’s name resonates with an intriguing charm, setting them apart in a world that celebrates individuality.

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