90+ Lord Ganesha Names for Baby Boy with their Meaning in 2023

Get famous Lord Ganesha Names for Baby Boy with meaning. These Different Names of lord Ganesha for Baby Boy will help you in naming a newborn. A Hindu god with an elephant head is known as Lord Ganesha. He holds a unique position among Hindu gods due to His reputation for intelligence.

Here is our list of Lord Ganesha baby boy names that will be lucky for your child because many names recognize him. Lord Ganesha typically removes obstacles. He is prayed to first in any Hindu pooja because His presence is encouraging. He is one of the most awesome Gods, and children respect and love Him for His abilities and wisdom. Beautiful and adaptable boy names from our list may indicate a person’s character and way of life. Check out the names given below to choose the best choice.

So look at the Ganesh Ji names for baby boy to be considered in 2023 for your newborn.

Modern Lord Ganesha Names For Baby Boy start with “A, B, D”

1. Achyuth: This name Achyuth means ‘one who is indestructible’. 

2. Adidev: This name means ‘one who is the first god’.

3. Advaith: This word signifies ‘someone unique.’

4. Ameya: This is a modern-sounding name. The meaning is also unique as it means ‘limitless’ or ‘boundaryless’.

5. Amit: It is also a name for Lord Ganesha and means ‘endless’, ‘limitless’.

6. Amod: This name of Lord Ganesha represents ‘delight’ and ‘pleasure’.

7. Amogh: This is another name for Lord Ganesha, known as the Lord of all wealth and wisdom. It means ‘one who is invincible’. 

8. Anav: It means ‘one who is filled with humanity and has a kind heart’. 

9. Anmay: It conveys ‘one who cannot be broken’.

10. Ashrith: It is a name given to multiple gods, and this name also knows Lord Ganesha. This name means ‘he who protects’ or ‘one who gives refuge’. 

11. Atharv: This name suggests ‘knowledge’ and represents the Lord of wisdom. 

12. Avighna: The meaning of Avighna is ‘remover of obstacles’.

13. Avneesh: It is another name for Lord Ganesha. This name signifies ‘lord of the earth and king.’

14. Balaganapati: This is a cute name for your baby boy, and it means ‘little Ganapati’.

15. Balchandra: It may not be a famous name, but it is still cute. Balchandra indicates ‘the moon-crested Lord’ and refers to Ganesha.

16. Bhuvanpati: Bhuvanpati means ‘the lord of the world’.

17. Devavrata: It conveys ‘one who accepts all penances’.

18. Dharmik: The name means ‘one who is righteous and is charitable’. 

Lord Ganesha Names For Baby Boy start with “E, G, H, I”

19. Ekadrishta: It is another name of Lord Ganesha. The meaning of this name is ‘the one who is focused.’ 

20. Eshanputra: Eshanputra denotes ‘son of Lord Shiva’.

21. Gadadhara: It is a mighty name for a strong baby. Gadadhara means ‘one who has a mace as his weapon’. 

22. Gajakarna: It indicates ‘ears like an elephant’.

23. Gajanan: It means ‘having a face like an elephant’.

24. Gajrup: Gajarup suggests ‘like an elephant’.

25. Ganapati: Ganapati is the most famous of Ganesha’s names. It means ‘the Lord of all gods’.

26. Gaurik: The unique name Gaurik is an excellent choice for your Newborn Baby boy. It is also one of Ganesha’s numerous names.

27. Gajanan: It means ‘having a face like an elephant’.

28. Gajrup: Gajarup implies ‘like an elephant’.

29. Ganapati: Ganapati is the most famous of Ganesha’s names. It means ‘the Lord of all gods’.

30. Gaurinandan: This name means ‘the son of Goddess Parvati (Gauri)’.

31. Gaurisuta: Gaurisuta refers to Ganesha and means ‘the son of Gauri’.

32. Haridra: It would be a perfect name for your cute baby boy. It is Another name for Lord Ganesha, which conveys ‘the one with golden-coloured skin’.

33. Harsha: It is another popular name for Lord Ganesha. The meaning of this name is ‘the one who is happy.’

34. Heramb: Heramb means a calm, respected and erudite person.

35. Indraneel: This posh-sounding name refers to the colour blue, emerald.

Lord Ganesha Names For Baby Boy start with “K, L, M, N, O”

36. Kapila: It is another popular name which refers to Ganesha, and it denotes ‘yellowish brown in colour’.

37. Karunya: Karunya implies ‘one who is pleasant and merciful,’ and so is given to many gods, including Lord Ganesha.

38. Kaveesha: Kaveesha, which means ‘king of all poets’.

39. Kirti: Give your baby this Ganesha name; Kirti means ‘fame’ in Sanskrit.

40. Kripalu: Kripalu, which signifies ‘merciful’.

41. Krti: A beautiful and cute name, Krti conveys ‘the lord of music’ and refers to Lord Ganesha.

42. Kshipra: Kshipra means ‘easy to appease’.

43. Lambodara: It indicates ‘the Lord with a huge belly’.

44. Mahabala: This is another name for Lord Ganesha, which means ‘the one who has super strength’.

45. Mahodhar: The name signifies ‘someone kind and generous’. 

46. Mangalamurti: It is Another name for Lord Ganesha, who is known to be auspicious.

47. Manomay: The beautiful name Manomay refers to the amazing Lord Ganesha, and it suggests ‘the winner of hearts’.

48. Mundakarama: Mundakarama means ‘abode of happiness’. 

49. Muktidaya: It is a lovely name that represents ‘the bestower of eternal bliss’.

50. Nandana: The name means ‘an achiever’. 

51. Nirmal: This is an apt name for your innocent & pure baby boy. One more name of Lord Ganesha represents someone who is pure and spotless.

52. Nideeshwar: This Lord Ganesha’s name means ‘the bestower of wealth’. 

53. Ojas: Your newborn baby is the shining star of your family. Give him a name that means ‘full of light’ and ‘brilliance’, representing Lord Ganesha.

Lord Ganesha Names For Baby Boy start with “P, R, S”

54. Prathmesh: It conveys ‘the first among all’.

55. Promod: If you wish your son to be happy and prosperous, then pick this name. This Sanskrit word means ‘happiness’ or ‘joy’ and is one of the names of Lord Ganesh. 

56. Riddhesh: It denotes ‘the Lord of prosperity’. 

57. Rudraanush: It means A powerful name for the Lord housing pure fire.

58. Rudrapreeyam: The meaning of this name is Lord Ganesha, who is quite dear to Lord Rudra.

59. Sarvadevatma: The meaning of Sarvadevatma is ‘the one who is the acceptor of all celestial offerings.’

60. Sarvasiddhanta: It is another name for Lord Ganesha, who is known as ‘the bestower of skill and knowledge’.

61. Shambhav: Lord Ganesha is addressed by this name as it means ‘the son of Shiva’.

62. Shambhu Tej: It signifies ‘the one who has the power of Lord Shiva’.

63. Shashivarna: It is Yet another popular name of Lord Ganesha, Shashivarna means ‘the one who has a complexion like that of the moon.’

64. Shivatmaj: Shivatmaj suggests ‘born from the soul of Shiva’.

65. Shriniketh: The name is given to various Hindu gods, with Lord Ganesha being one of them. The meaning of this name is ‘the abode of beauty’. 

66. Shubhagunakara: Shubhagunakara represents ‘the master of all virtues’.

67. Shubam: Shubham means ‘auspicious’.

68. Sidhivinayak: Lord Ganesha is also known by this name, which means ‘the bestower of success’.

69. Sumukh: This name indicates ‘the one with a beautiful face’. 

70. Sureshwaram: This name suggests ‘the lord of the lords.’

71. Swaroop: This is one of the classic names for a baby boy. Swaroop implies ‘having pleasing or beautiful looks’.

Lord Ganesha Names For Baby Boy start with “T, U, V”

72. Taksh: The name represents strength. It denotes ‘strong’ or ‘eyes of a pigeon’.

73. Tarak: If you wish him to be brave and save others, you can pick this name for your boy. This name means ‘the protector of all’. 

74. Tarun: This popular name, Tarun, implies ‘ageless’. 

75. Umaputra: Umaputra means ‘the son of Uma’.

76. Uddanda: It means ‘the nemesis of evil’.

77. Varaprada: It represents ‘the bestower of boons’.

78. Veeraganapati: Veeraganapati means ‘one who is the bravest of all’.

79. Vidhyadhar: Vidhyadhar conveys ‘one who is full of knowledge and wisdom’. 

80. Vighnarajendra: The name represents ‘the king who removes all obstacles’.

81. Vignaharth: It is another name for Lord Ganesha. This name means ‘the demolisher of obstacles’.

82. Vignesh: This is a popular name of Lord Ganesha for boys; Vignesh signifies ‘the remover of obstacles’.

83. Vikat: This could be a nice name to pick for your son. The meaning of Vikat is ‘ferocious’ and ‘the one who has a magnificent personality.’ 

84. Vishwamukh: The name Vishwamukh suggests ‘the master of the universe’.

85. Vyom: This is another name for Lord Ganesha, the leader of the five elements. The Sanskrit word means ‘atmosphere’ or ‘sky’. 

86. Yashaswi: It denotes ‘eternal success’.

87. Yagnakay: It is another name for Lord Ganesha. This name Yagnakay represents one who accepts spiritual offerings during yagnas, and 

88. Yogadip: Lord Ganesha is called Yogadip, the ‘lord of meditation’.

Final Words

I hope you enjoyed the article about Lord Ganesha Names for Baby Boy. Also, I hope you have already decided on the perfect name for your newborn child. However, if any more words or meanings interest you, please let me know in the comment section. Without a doubt, I’ll carry out your request. Remain happy, healthy, and blessed.

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